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Extended Instruction

Think beyond just software, videos and assessments.

Time to think “real” small group extended instruction. Online. In School.

  • Traditional Classroom Teaching:

    Tier I Intervention


    for entire school year by Classroom Teachers

  • Elevate K-12 Intervention Teaching:

    Tier II & III Intervention


    for 30-60 hours by Elevate K-12 Online Intervention Instructors

When is Elevate K-12 Intervention Delivered?

  • Before School
  • After School
  • Saturday Academies
  • Summer Schools

All Elevate K-12 Intervention Teaching is delivered in school

Watch how students at Chicago's Strassburg Elementary School are using Elevate K-12:

“It helps the students so much to know that somebody cares about them” - Inez Jenkins, Interventionist

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