Tier II and Tier III Intervention For Schools

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Three success KPIs
(Key Performance Indicators) that aid Elevate K-12 Impact

  • Quality Instruction
  • Structure
  • Fidelity of Implementation

Avg 30%+

Test Score Increase
of students after
30 hours of Elevate K-12 Intervention


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Elevate K-12 School Impact Data and Stories

  • Ypsilanti Community Schools


    Target Grades: 3 to 8

    Target Content: Reading

    Elevate K-12 Impact: Students improved reading test scores by more than 10%

  • Grand Rapids School District

    Union High School


    Target Grades: 9 to 10

    Target Content: Pre-Algebra

    Elevate K-12 Impact: Students saw their Pre-Algebra scores jump a total of 1.5 times

  • Chicago Public School District

    Pershing West Magnet School


    Target Grades: 4 to 5

    Target Content: Math

    Elevate K-12 Impact: Students saw their math-readiness rates quadruple

  • Addison Community Schools

    Panther Elementary School


    Target Grade: 3

    Target Content: Math

    Elevate K-12 Impact: Third graders more than doubled their math proficiency scores

  • Baltimore County Public Schools

    Chesapeake High School


    Target Grade: 12

    Target Content: Algebra and Data Analysis

    Elevate K-12 Impact: Pass-rate on Algebra standardized test jumps from 75% to 82%

  • Clayton County Public Schools, Jonesboro High School, Atlanta

    Clayton County Public Schools

    Jonesboro High School


    Target Grades: 9 to 12

    Target Content: Math I, Math II and AP Statistics

    Elevate K-12 Impact: Students were able to triple their Algebra proficiency scores