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Think beyond software, staffing, and substitutes.

It’s time to think high quality, live, online instruction. In school. During school.

Elevate K-12
Live Online Classroom Formats:

  • Tier 1 Instruction

    1:25 or more

    Large group LIVE ONLINE instruction

  • Tier 2 Intervention

    1:4 or more

    Small group LIVE ONLINE instruction

When is Elevate K-12 instruction delivered?

  • During School
  • School Year
  • Summer School

All Elevate K-12 instruction is delivered in school.

Watch how students at Sterling Middle School in Peoria, IL are receiving high-quality live online Math instruction every day:

"I would recommend Elevate K-12 to any school looking for a solution to solve the teacher shortage problem that we are facing. This has helped us increase our school achievement and our scores through NWEA and other standardized tests." - Lynn Lane, Principal

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