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Zip code free teaching will change the way our kids learn

A few questions for you:

What percentage of your shopping are you doing online?

How often are you avoiding the lines in major shopping districts by pointing-and-clicking?

How often are you ever restricted from getting that great pair of shoes, just because the store isn’t in your zip code?

We live in a world that allows you to hit the internet, buy, and now even try on and return your favorite clothes and accessories. Why can’t we do that with education? Why are our kids not exposed to the best that is available? Is it just because of where they live?

Maybe your daughter needs extra instruction in calculus.

Maybe your son shows signs of being a budding fashion designer.

But if you live in a town where an advanced calculus instructor isn’t available or a design instruction class isn’t an option, what then?

Does your child not get access to the best teacher and classes just because you are restricted by your zip code?

Parents wonder… Am I doing enough here, now?

There is a question on many parents’ minds:

Globally, kids have access to extra academic resources with an expert beyond school, how can I give the same to my child from where I live now?

At Elevate K-12, we have dedicated the last 7 years working to create a model where kids can learn online from the best experts in a structured, virtual environment, free of zip code barriers.

I believe that technology can and should push education for all our students into the future.

A future where parents can feel confident that their kids have everything that they need to participate in a globalized and competitive world.

If your daughter is beginning to show an interest in business and entrepreneurship, and the school doesn’t offer that class, it doesn’t need to be the end of the discussion, or her desire, anymore.

What if your son is either hitting a wall in his standard math curriculum? Or he is ready to sky rocket to the next level? He must get access to a needs-based instructor and diverse, enriching classes from anywhere, anyplace.

Your child deserves the best instructors and classes–no matter where you live

New, borderless learning models are gaining traction in the world of higher education.

Parents, full-time jobholders, and others, who want to continue their studies, but have trouble getting to their schools, have more and more online resources available to them and that trend is only growing.

Zip code free learning is about students taking real classes, working and learning with the best instructors, all from their computers or devices.

It’s not just online homework help, self-paced learning classes, or just watching videos. Those don’t give kids the ability to satisfy their curiosity or the option to ask a question. I am talking about actually taking a class online, with a real person. It’s time to think differently.

The K-12 years is the foundational period in most kids’ lives.

A zip code free learning environment lets the students select the classes they want to learn. Perhaps it’s fashion, math, creative writing or entrepreneurship.

They learn online, and “live,” with the some of the most dedicated and qualified instructors in the country.

Your child may live in a small town in Iowa, but he can still learn about jazz music composition from the best music instructor in New York.

All online. All without zip code barriers.

A Singular Passion and The Primary Purpose

Education has been a cornerstone of my life since I was a child and I believe a digital, zip code free learning experience is an enormous step in giving all kids the same foundational access to new and diverse academic resources.

If our children are to compete strongly, on the global stage, moving past online homework help and pre-recorded, self-paced instruction is an obligatory step.

Kids will no longer feel shorted just by their school’s offerings and parents will beam with pride knowing that their kids are getting nothing but the best, irrespective of their zip code.