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High School Students In Chicago Use Live Online H2H Instruction For SAT® Bootcamp

This summer, rising juniors at Rich Township High School District 227 chose to put their vacation to use and secure a bright future for themselves with an Elevate K-12 SAT® Bootcamp to avoid any summer slump in their knowledge.


Students tend to forget and slide backwards over summer


Because most students hardly pick up a book over their vacation, summer has shown to be a huge difference-maker in student performance. A USA Today article found teachers often spend the first month of school re-teaching old material rather than having students who are ready to start on day one with new content.

Since standardized tests like the SAT® cover material from years of Math and English Language Arts content, a long summer break can really hurt student readiness for such an important test.


Rich Township High Schools took an innovative step to avoid the SAT® summer slide


Rich Township High Schools decided to work with Elevate K-12 and raise student SAT® scores with a summer bootcamp for 109 of their rising 10th and 11th grade students and avoid any summer slump for their students.

Just watching videos online might work for some students but it definitely does not work for struggling students. Real intervention needs real teaching.


Elevate K-12 provided that real teaching.


With its human-to-human instruction, assessments, quality control and structured test prep curriculum, Elevate K-12 offered a new, engaging way for high schoolers to learn over a period of four weeks.

The schools divided the program into two weeks of SAT® Math and Reading bootcamp and two weeks of focused writing preparation.


Students worked with Elevate K-12 at a crucial moment for knowledge retention.


At Rich South High School, Vice Principal Adrienne LaCour expressed how useful the Elevate K-12 SAT® program was, especially for “reviewing concepts the students hadn’t seen in a while.”

For students, Elevate K-12 served to refresh and reinforce material, solidifying and deepening student understanding of foundational topics seen on the SAT®.

In particular, working with the same online instructor for each and every session allowed students to develop a rapport and accept feedback more easily, creating an engaging environment for student learning.

The winners in this were the enrolled students who made the decision to give up summer fun and work hard with Elevate K-12 to get ready for the upcoming SAT®!


Elevate K-12 is a Tier 2 and 3 intervention solution that provides live online small group instruction to struggling K-12 students while they are in their school for subjects like math, reading, ELA, science, social studies, test prep and more. Elevate K-12 is like a school inside a school, made especially for intervention.


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