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Meet Instructor of the Month: Megan P.!

Welcome to another ETalk, where we introduce an amazing person at Elevate K-12 involved in revolutionizing education through high-quality live online instruction inside schools! 

Name: Megan P.

Location: Toledo, Ohio

How Long Have You Been With Elevate K-12: <1 year

Expert/Superstar In: Middle School Math

What excites you most about teaching your particular subject?

I love teaching math because it teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Learning how to look at problems in new ways and share your thoughts can not only help improve math skills but can be applied to real-life thinking and problem-solving! Math helps us develop logic and thinking skills that we take with us to use throughout our lives.


How do you make live, online instruction engaging?

Online learning can be complicated and challenging so the number one focus in my classes is positivity. There is something great you can always acknowledge for each student to help them gain that confidence. I love it when my students shout each other out or agree with their classmate’s answers to help build that positivity and support in our classroom! We are not afraid to take chances and be a little silly at times during our classes.


What strategies do you use to effectively reach your students who are working below grade-level expectations?

I like to ask a lot of questions throughout my lesson and really encourage the students to look at what they see. Just asking “what do you see?” can help a student who is initially stuck gain an insight into the problem and build that confidence. We often take time to break down and scaffold the assessment questions instead of observing an answer and moving on. This encourages students to see why the answer is correct instead of just finding the answer.


What do you like about working from home/remotely?

I think working remotely is a unique opportunity right now in our current pandemic. It is a need that we currently have in society so it is important to try to advance our supports in remote instruction to help students succeed. Working from home allows me to use my teaching skills and experience but adapt it to what the world needs at this time. In a world that relies on technology more each day I think it has the power to help influence the educational world and give students more tools for the future.


How do you ensure your students have been successful whether they’re learning at home, school, or both?

I think giving students different options to participate and engage in class helps students succeed in class. Through Elevate K-12, students can message just the teacher or the class, they can speak on their microphones, and draw on the screen whether at home or in school. This helps the class feel more cohesive and gives students options to fit their comfort level in participation. Since students have the choice, they can make class their own, while still engaging with the entire class, no matter the setting they are in.


Describe your best moment teaching live and online.

My favorite moment is when a topic just clicks for a student! I love the excitement you can feel when someone just gets it. When students know they worked hard and didn’t give up to get to an answer it is so powerful! When you can bring that excitement, joy, and intrinsic motivation into learning it makes it that much better!


Tell us a little more about who you are–what do you like to do? What’s your favorite hobby? What’s something super surprising about you? Be creative!

I’ve been a teacher for the last 6 years in many different settings. I’ve taught in middle schools in Oklahoma and Tennessee and recently just returned to the States from teaching for 2 years in Thailand! I love Thailand and hope to return someday. Alongside Elevate K-12, I teach ESL classes to students in China which is also a ton of fun!


Thanks, Megan P.!

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