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Meet Instructor of the Month: Kendra L.!

Welcome to another ETalk, where we introduce an amazing person at Elevate K-12 involved in revolutionizing education through high-quality live online instruction inside schools! 

Name: Kendra L.

Location: Idaho

Experience With Elevate K-12: 1 year

Expert/Superstar In: Tier 2 Math & SAT Math Prep

What excites you most about teaching your particular subject?

I truly LOVE Math and enjoy helping students understand it better so they can also learn to love it. For some reason, our country feels it is acceptable to say “I’m not good at Math”. But no one accepts “I can’t read.” I want to change that stigma so that all people feel they can enjoy math and also find it useful.

What do you like most about live, online instruction?

I really enjoy getting to know the students. I learn their learning styles, their behaviors, and their personalities. I feel connected to my students and invested in their success. Together we make a good team and I enjoy working with the [Tier 2] small groups online. It is different than working with a large classroom of 30+ students. I feel I am able to have a better understanding of my Elevate students.

Elevate K-12 works with a lot of struggling students. What do you like most about working with those students?

Helping them succeed is my reward. Hearing them “get it” and feeling proud that they can “do it” is what teaching is all about! 🙂

What do you like about working from home/remotely?

As a mom to teenagers, I enjoy the flexibility that working from home allows me to have. I am able to take my daughter to school, be home for breakfast and dinner and work in between. Sometimes I can even run some errands in between my sessions. It is perfect! 🙂

Describe your best moment teaching live and online. Be specific!

I had a group of 8th graders who were taking an Elevate K-12 [Tier 2] math class with me. They were all girls and from the first time I met them, I could tell they were guarded and not wanting to open up and learn. They either avoided communicating in any way or gave 1-word answers. I kept up my positive attitude and continued praising them for anything they did. I mean anything. Like telling me anything at all. After about 3 sessions this way, finally one of them asked me to stop being so annoyingly positive. I literally laughed and told her “well, this is just how I am. I guess you’ll have to get used to praise.”

I feel that was the turning point. Slowly they began to trust that this was a safe space to give answers and I would not criticize anything they said. If they gave a wrong answer, I would praise them for pointing out a very common mistake and ask them to look at it a different way. As time went on, they were more and more engaged. Toward the end of the year, they were actually talking, laughing and volunteering answers. They would even work with each other to help each other out. I felt we made a real connection and patience paid off.

This is but one example of how amazing it is to work with a small group of students live and online. This level of interaction would be hard in a very large classroom. Hearing my voice and watching me write on the [online portal] “whiteboard” allowed us to create this worthwhile connection.

Tell us a little more about who you are–what do you like to do? What’s your favorite hobby? What’s something super surprising about you? Be creative!

I am a mom of 3 girls and have 2 dogs. The dogs are Whippets, which is a breed similar to a Greyhound. They love to run fast and sleep in the sun … an equal amount of time. In my spare time, I quilt, hike, snow ski and read. I also volunteer at a Women’s and Children’s shelter.

One of the more interesting things I do is with the sport of competitive jump rope. Many have not heard of this, but one of my daughters competes in this sport and I have been involved on a local, regional and national level for approximately 12 years now. I truly love this crazy sport!

Thanks, Kendra L.!

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