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Meet Elevater of the Month: Kimberly H.!

Welcome to another ETalk, where we introduce an amazing person at Elevate K-12 involved in revolutionizing education through high-quality live online instruction inside schools! 

Name: Kimberly H.

Location: Dallas, TX

Experience With Elevate K-12: 1 year

Current Role: Educational Performance Manager

What excites you most about working at Elevate K-12?

Seeing change within the students and knowing that their work is not in vain.

Elevate K-12 works with a lot of struggling students. What do you like most about working with those students?

I particularly love the promise that in spite of whatever obstacles they face, there’s the promise that what they desire most is reachable and that is a success, however big or small.

Describe your best moment as an EPM. Be specific!

The best moments are when the students feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment through completion and mastery. There was one instance when one of the students kept getting right answer confirmations from the instructor and seeing the excitement on his face, the change of his body posture and the transformation of his whole self-confidence was exciting and served as encouragement for the other students.

Tell us a little more about who you are–what do you like to do?

I am a lover of all things Visual Arts! Dance, Theater, Music, and Art – a complete Renaissance woman with a mad love to develop and encourage people. My favorite saying is, “I am not your Motivation, however, I may do or say something that will stir up the motivation that is already within.” As a young person, I often found myself drawing on my grandmother’s walls and getting in trouble for it. Instead of her tearing me down for it, she encouraged me to develop that gift and that’s how I pay it forward today with other people.

If you were an animal, which kind would you be?

A Shih-poo dog.

Thanks, Kimberly H.!

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