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ETalk: Meet Elevate K-12 Online Instructor, Renée

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Name: Renée D.

Location: Schenectady, New York

Experience With Elevate K-12: 3 years

Superstar/Expert In: Math & Science

What’s your favorite part about teaching online and remotely at Elevate K-12? 

It allows me to teach (which I love!) during the hours that best fit my family and me.


 What do you love the most about teaching?

I love to help students think critically in order to problem-solve. When they are able to do so, their confidence grows and the concepts become much clearer. The joy in their voices is fulfilling.


Elevate K-12 works with a lot of struggling students. What do you enjoy the most about working with those students?

I feel as though I’m making a real difference in their lives.


Any recent moments of teaching that you’d like to share?

I recently tutored an intense SAT prep course, and it was a pleasure to see how much learning took place in just one week. The students finally ‘got’ how to solve systems of linear equations!


Okay, a few fun ones–if you were an animal, what kind would you be?

A bird– being able to fly must be awesome!


If you could only listen to one musical artist for the rest of time, who would it be?

Michael Jackson 🙂


What do you like to do in your free time?

Well, I’m originally from Barbados–so I love traveling there as well as reading and spending time with my daughter and husband!


Thanks Renée!

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