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Chicago South Suburbs High Schools Move The Needle On STEM. Students Learn Robotics Concepts Online. In School.

This summer, high school students in the south suburbs of Chicago chose to spend their summer learning to make robots. Elevate K-12 was chosen to be a partner to provide live online H2H group instruction to the students on concepts relevant to robotics.


District decides to push boundaries and says “Yes!” to Robotics.


The high school district wanted to run a unique program to engage students in learning as well as continue to move their curriculums into the twenty-first century, So, with the help of Elevate K-12, they decided to offer a robotics program to 129 incoming 9th graders this summer.

The district was worried that, when the students built the robots, they would struggle with the brand-new concepts and their application; that’s where Elevate K-12 came in.

Elevate K-12 was selected as a partner to meet the need the district had for instructors in this unique curriculum space. The district had been unable to find instructors in their local zip code, so they decided to use Elevate K-12’s live online instructors who had strong math and physics backgrounds, and who could provide instruction, zip code free.


Step #1: Students learned robotics concepts online


Students at the three high schools spent time Monday through Thursday during summer school for four weeks learning concepts built around math and physics that applied to robotics.

Elevate K-12 created a specially-designed curriculum for teaching critical concepts to the students. Elevate K-12’s COO, Deepali Bhate, and her team of curriculum specialists took on the challenge to create and simulate face-to-face instruction online.

Students at the high school were first assessed for their conceptual understanding and then, based on their skill sets, divided into groups of four. Each group was taught online by a live, qualified Elevate K-12 instructor for 12 days during the summer for one hour each.

By working with Elevate K-12’s live online instructors to develop an understanding of robotics, students were able to work through the curriculum and ask questions within their small group of peers, developing a fluency in all things robot.


Step #2: Students built and assembled their robots. Beep beep boop boop.


Equipped with the conceptual understanding of robotics thanks to their Elevate K-12 online instructors, the students spent the subsequent hour building the robots.

A big point of emphasis with the Elevate K-12 program was hands-on learning, so the program was designed for students to take that classroom robot content and put it to use, as they built a working robot.


Students moved beyond textbooks and software with H2H


Because students had little-to-no knowledge about robotics, the relationship between peers and online instructors was vital, as it made entirely new topics like motors and processors within their robots approachable, especially when compared to textbooks or point-and-click software.

Overall, feedback was outstanding, with administrators and teachers lauding the innovative and enriching summer program.


Schools push STEM in unique ways


As STEM continues to remain a high priority for schools, programs like Elevate K-12 robotics allow students to move forward into an increasingly robotized future with the confidence to perform at an elevated level.

The world might look radically different in a couple of decades and, because of their forward-thinking robotics program, this high school district has set-up their students for future successes.


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