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Atlanta Public Schools Raises Algebra Scores With Live H2H Online Group Instruction

At Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta, students were struggling with Algebra I achievement on the Georgia Milestones test.

Since the introduction of the Georgia Milestones test in the fall of 2014, it has proven to be a challenge for students; in 2016, for example, 64% of the students did not meet the proficiency standard in Algebra I across the state of Georgia (Source: Georgia Department of Education).


Maynard Jackson High School needed to improve Algebra I scores


Ms. Stephanie Johnson, the Principal of Maynard Jackson High School, sought to use her specialty in school improvement and turnaround to help solve this problem.

Ms. Johnson first recognized that the present solutions they were using to help test scores were not working; using traditional online software did not get results and finding high-quality math tutors proved to be a huge challenge.


The new, innovative solution? Elevate K-12 and its live online instruction


Ms. Johnson decided to partner with Elevate K-12 to use its live online instruction with standards-aligned curriculum to get real results for their students on the Algebra I Georgia Milestones test.

45 students were chosen to work with Elevate K-12’s live online instructors for 24 sessions, learning curriculum focused on the specific challenges they were facing.


Students succeeded thanks to H2H learning


In addition to the personalized curriculum, students worked with the same instructor for all sessions, allowing them to build human-to-human (H2H) relationships and feel comfortable asking questions.

These relationships, in turn, allowed students to develop a deeper understanding of Algebra I concepts and truly learn the material.

At the conclusion of the program, students increased their scores on Elevate K-12 Algebra I assessments from 30% to 58%, nearly doubling their initial results.


This growth on Elevate K-12 corresponded to an 18% jump in Georgia Milestones scoring that year.


So how did they do it?

Students were able to increase their scores so dramatically thanks to high levels of engagement with Elevate K-12’s Milestones-focused curriculum, delivered in-school, by live online instructors.

By working through the planned curriculum with a live instructor rather than using an underwhelming on-demand tutor or a simple point-and-click software, students fully learned the material; their success went deeper than simply memorizing the information for a test.

Thanks to their hard work with Elevate K-12, Algebra I students in Atlanta saw improvement in their overall performance on Georgia Milestones, which sets them up for success in their academic futures!


Elevate K-12 is a Tier 2 and 3 intervention solution that provides live online small group instruction to struggling K-12 students while they are in their school for subjects like math, reading, ELA, science, social studies, test prep and more. Elevate K-12 is like a school inside a school, made especially for intervention.


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