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A Fully Managed Live
Stream Online Classroom
Inside Your School

We bring high-quality live, online instruction to schools. We believe that instruction is not about staffing, subbing, or software but about the student experience, engagement, and outcomes. We span Tier 1 and Tier 2.

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Benefits For Schools

High-Quality Instruction

High-quality teachers, data-driven tech and constant innovation.

Aligned Curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned to State, National and UDL standards. Our learning sequence aligns to your district guidelines.

Engaged Students

Students use our unique engagement-driven technology to learn
real-time, ask questions and have an immersive learning experience.

Full Classroom Management

Our team manages the entire classroom experience, both
virtually and physically onsite, so you don’t have to.

Positive Academic Outcomes

Our high-quality instruction drives academic outcomes
where they matter most.

How It Works

Launch high-quality live online instruction in 4 easy steps:

You select your school, grade, and subject

We review curriculum needs together

We prepare the live,
online class

We launch & monitor
the live online class

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Our Data-Driven Tech

Elevate K-12 students and instructors use our proprietary, innovative data-driven online platform. Schools
can track consolidated classroom and individual student progress and monitor achievement.

Winning Schools
Partner With Us

Elevate K-12 is an amazing company to partner with. They listened to our needs from the start and their product is driving real positive outcomes for our students.

Brigette Smith

Principal (Cesar Chavez Community School in Roosevelt School District, AZ)

Many schools still do not have high quality certified teachers teaching students because they’re difficult to find locally. Elevate K-12 solves this problem by streaming high quality live, online instructors right into the classroom during school.

Jill Addison

HR Director (Dougherty County School District, GA)

Our students are truly embracing the technology aspect involved with Elevate K-12. The live instructor, the engagement on the computers and the collaboration with their classmates truly allows their learning process to be interactive. Our children are connecting with the technology while learning, compared to the traditional style of teaching.

Christina Montgomery

Principal (Nob Hill Elementary School in Prairie Hills School District, IL)

How Elevate K-12 Is Different

We partner with schools and school districts to provide live, online instruction and manage
the instructional quality and outcomes for students. We are the total solution.

Online Tutoring

  • Different instructors every session
  • Low fidelity of implementation
  • On-demand but unstructured
  • Curriculum not aligned to school
  • Inconsistent outcomes

Substitute Teacher

  • Short term solution
  • Difficult to find locally
  • Low reliability
  • Low level of content expertise


  • Majority of software goes unused (65%)
  • No human to help students in real-time
  • Time on task is more important than actual learning
  • Disengaged students
  • Inconsistent outcomes

Elevate K-12

  • High-quality live instruction, same instructor every session
  • Curriculum aligned to school
  • Strong fidelity of implementation, fully managed & quality controlled
  • Long term instructional solution
  • Consistent positive academic outcomes

Our Classroom Formats

Tier 1 Core Classroom Instruction

High-quality live streaming online instruction for a Tier 1 regular class size. Classes are delivered for the entire school year, during school, inside the school. We manage the quality and fidelity of the entire classroom experience.

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Tier 2 Small Group RTI/MTSS Instruction

High-quality live streaming online instruction for a Tier 2 RTI/MTSS class in small groups. Classes are delivered a few days a week for multiple weeks. We manage the quality and fidelity of the entire classroom experience.

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Classes We Offer

We offer high-quality live streaming instruction in different class subjects including math, world languages, ELA, Robotics, Coding and more for Grades K-12.

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Who We Have Impacted

We are proud to partner with winning schools and districts that think differently
and focus on positive academic outcomes.

Students Love Us

I think it is a very good program for us to learn and be ready for the test. Also I think it’s cool to learn from my online instructor on a computer. He answers all my questions and really helps me understand!

Patrick G. Grade 4 TX

Elevate K-12 is so much fun and so much different than tutoring. I get to track my scores and talk to my online instructor, and I am in Michigan and he is in California. So, so cool.

Sandra T. Grade 7 MI

My algebra grade went up from a D to a B with Elevate K-12. I love my online instructor. She teaches me concepts that I am struggling with and I get to learn from her every week with my friends in the same class!

Gina Z. Grade 9 IL

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