•   Hutchings Career Center, Macon, GA
      Grade 9 and 10 borderline and struggling
    math students in Macon, GA see a 23 points
    increase in Math II scores with Elevate K12!
  •   Chesapeake High School, Baltimore, MD
      Students at Baltimore's Chesapeake High
    School partnered with Elevate K12 to boost
    Algebra skills and saw doubled proficiency
    scores in just weeks.
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  •   Pershing West Magnet School,
    Chicago, IL
      See how 4th and 5th grade Special Education
    students at this urban Chicago magnet school
    are building strong foundations for math
    success with Elevate K12.
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  •   Jonesboro High School,
    Jonesboro, GA
      88 at-risk students at suburban Atlanta's
    Jonesboro High School embarked on an
    Elevate K12 math intervention program.
    In just weeks, math proficiency tripled.
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  Q What is a School-within-a-
  A Taking personalized learning to the next level, it is an intense teaching environment that fills in the academic gaps left by regular classroom instruction. It creates personalized 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 online instruction intervention programs within a school for those students who need individualized instruction.
How It Works
Elevate K12 has developed a revolutionary online math intervention program that dramatically improves grades, test scores, and confidence. We can customize a program to fit your student's unique needs:
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  What Educators Are Saying  
   Our students have benefited greatly from Elevate K12's 1:2 online intervention
instructional programs this semester. We have jumped 23 pts in Math II which
leads the district in students meeting standards.
Principal Darrick L. McCray, Ed. S., Hutchings Career Center, GA See More
  We have carefully crafted education solutions for each level:

Elevate Online Academic Intervention Elevate On-
Demand Tutoring
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For struggling, at-risk, and special-ed students
For grade-level and advanced students
For the most rigorous and data driven CCSS specific training for teachers
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