Why innovate with Elevate K12 ?  
Elevate K12 strives to provide quality, personalized, One-on-One instruction solutions for students and school districts from all backgrounds and budgets. We believe that education should be engaging, fun, and available to all—regardless of status, income, or ability. We know that the secret to impacting education in the 21st century lies in the power of technology, and we are always looking for creative individuals to join our team as we grow every day. Join us and experience the Elevate K12 difference!

Become an Elevate Online Tutor
We are looking for dynamic, creative math and reading wizards who are ready to impact our educational landscape as tutors with Elevate K12. This position is a great fit for teachers and instructors of all varieties seeking a part-time, flexible position working with students in new and inventive ways.

Tutoring with Elevate K12 has amazing benefits:  
Flexible work hours
With Elevate, you decide the number of hours you will tutor. Simply set your available hours and we will do the rest. We can even work around class schedules!
No commute
Elevate tutors have the best commute time: zero. You can tutor from the quiet, internet-connected location of your choice.
Effective planning and communication
Tutoring with Elevate K12 means working with pre-assigned students at pre-scheduled times known to you before the start of any tutoring program. We work hard to respect your time and your planning needs.
World-class training
Our tutors receive intensive, applicable training as part of the initial orientation program. When your first session arrives, you will be thoroughly prepared to dive in and start changing lives.
Undivided attention
Because Elevate emphasizes the importance of personal attention, you will be able to focus on the needs of individual students and their unique learning styles in a One-on-One environment.
Have previous tutoring or teaching experience.  
Be skilled and comfortable not only with math and reading subjects, but also in teaching practice.  
Be enrolled or graduated from an accredited university.  
Be able to schedule your work hours between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST.  
Have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection and a quiet environment.  
To apply, email your resume to with "Applying for: Tutor position" in the subject line.
See our other available positions
Academic Manager - Virtual
The Academic Manager is the key coordinator that is in-charge of results and quality service to a set of school buildings that implement Elevate. The AM drives the academic results of the schools by implementing our best practices in online learning and ensures superior client experience by being the single-point of contact with the schools.
Benefits :
Flexible work hours
Your tutoring hours will be based on the weekly hours that you can commit for this position.
No commute
You can tutor from home or any other location; all you need is a computer with an internet connection.
Appropriate training will be provided as a part of our initial orientation program.
Key responsibilities :
Plan and implement interventions in association with the school to ensure academic success of students Examine student academic progress, pacing and overall activity on a daily basis.
Create Individualized Learning Plans for students to personalize the academic experience.
Communicate synchronously and asynchronously with students, tutors, and school point-of-contact on an ongoing basis to provide project reminders, student data and academic information.
Provide exceptional client service by serving as a single point of contact for all program related information to the schools.
Execute program implementation, changes, accelerations and re-enrollment activities based on student response and school’s needs.
Participate in online review meetings, internally and with the clients.
Key Competencies :
Implements the projects in a structured, cross-functional and timeline oriented environment.
Adapts to change and working in a dynamic environment and ability to multi-task.
Meets all team deadlines and responsibilities, takes feedback and helps team leader to meet goals.
To apply, email your resume to with "Applying for: Academic Manager- Virtual " in the subject line.
Online HR Recruiter
We are looking for a professional who has a high level of interest in Online Human Resource as a function. If you think you can evaluate people skills and job profile fit online without meeting them in-person and would love the opportunity to set your schedules and work from home then this is the right opportunity for you! Prior experience in interviewing and HR roles would be an added advantage. You can choose your work timings and days per your convenience.
Job Details :
Online interviewing and tracking
You will interview candidates (mostly teachers) online and evaluate them based on a prescribed criteria to determine the best skill and profile fit for the company specified roles.
No commute
You can work from home or any other location; all you need is a computer with an internet connection.
Appropriate training will be provided as a part of our initial orientation program.
Flexible hours
You can select your work hours and time schedule 3 weeks in advance and can work from 4 to 8 hours a day, five to seven days a week per your availability.
Hourly rate
We offer $15-$18/hour.
HR experience
Prior experience in recruiting and interviewing is an advantage.

If you love interacting with people and would like to be a part of the online learning revolution by selecting the best online teachers to help students across the US and prefer doing this from the convenience of your home, this is the job for you!

To apply, email your resume to with "Applying for: Online HR Recruiter " in the subject line.
Implementation Associates (IL, MI, IN, OH, TX, FL, MD, NY)

Elevate K12 is known for its high-quality implementation and its premium customer service, both on-site and off. If you love technology, are dynamic and sociable, and have a flexible schedule permitting travel, this is the role for you!

Our Implementation Associates travel to Elevate K12 client sites to perform the initial program set-up and to train students and school administrators in its usage. They also provide periodic, planned support visits as well as SOS support. Implementation Associates have flexible hours and locations and can choose to support our clients in one or more of the states listed above.

To apply, email your resume to with “Applying for: Implementation Associate” in the subject line.
Business Development Associates (IL, MI, IN, OH, TX, FL, MD, NY)

Are you persuasive, dynamic, and passionate about transforming education? This may be the role for you. Elevate K12 Business Development Associates travel to schools and trade shows to seek out and grow new partnerships with Elevate. In this role, you can represent one or more of the states listed above. This position has flexible hours and locations, but the ability and willingness to travel is required. Prior experience in selling and/or developing educator accounts is not required, but it is a plus!

To apply, email your resume to with “Applying for: Business Development Associate” in the subject line.
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