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Meet Instructor of the Month: Monique D.!

Welcome to another ETalk, where we introduce an amazing person at Elevate K-12 involved in revolutionizing education through high-quality live online instruction inside schools! 

Name: Monique D.

Location: Kissimmee, FL

Experience With Elevate K-12: 1 year

Expert/Superstar In: Spanish, Math, Reading, English (ELA), Robotics, Social Studies, and Science Instructor

What excites you most about teaching your particular subject?

What excites me the most is to see how happy students get when they realize that they understand a concept. I love to see that light bulb come on in their heads. It’s a moment where they feel accomplished, and I love to be present to experience that moment.

Elevate K-12 works with a lot of struggling students. What do you like most about working with those students?

I love working with struggling students because they are the ones that need the most help. I want to inspire them and encourage them to look past their current situation and never stop reaching for the stars. I want them to know that there are many teachers who truly care about them and want to see them achieve all of their goals. I want them to know that there are many ways of learning and that they must find what works individually for them in order to achieve their desired success.

What do you like about working from home/remotely?

I have worked remotely/ from home for almost two decades and have enjoyed it tremendously because it eliminates commute, and completely cuts out certain expenses such as lunch money and gasoline.

Describe your best moment teaching live and online. Be specific!

I experienced my best moment teaching online when one of my first group of students (4th graders) felt sad about our lesson day ending. Even though the students knew that our next class was scheduled for 2 days later, we had so much fun while learning that they did not want me to go. This touched my heart so deeply that I remember crying after that class ended and thanking God and Mr. Oscar from the Operations department for providing me with such a wonderful loving group of students. I will never again forget that experience or those students.

Outside of working with students, what do you like to do?

I am originally from the island of Curacao, which belongs to the Netherlands. I have dual citizenship (Dutch and American) and speak 5 languages fluently (Spanish, English, Dutch, French and Papiamentu). I have been married to my husband for almost 20 years and have 6 children with him (3 girls and 3 boys). I home-schooled my children for many years. My hobbies are reading and sewing.

Thanks, Monique D.!

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