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ETalk: Meet Elevate K-12 Online Instructor Anne Marie, M.!

Welcome to another ETalk, where Elevate K-12 introduces one of the cool, fun people involved in revolutionizing online education with live, human to human instruction at Elevate K-12!

Name: Anne Marie, M.

Location: Rochelle Park, NJ

Experience With Elevate K-12: 2 years

Expert/Superstar In: Math & Science

What do you enjoy about teaching students with Elevate K-12?

I love hearing the student’s pride when they have understood the content and are able to answer the questions correctly on their own. When a student that has been struggling “gets it” and exhibits great enthusiasm in doing so, it makes me feel great as their instructor! I take pride in knowing that I am able to help my students in a way that is specific to their needs and gives them the confidence in knowing that they can do it!

Describe your favorite part of teaching online.

Teaching online in the small group environment allows students to gain confidence in their work and feel more open to expressing themselves by asking questions about certain topics.  Students feel more in control of the lesson during our online sessions, which helps build their confidence tremendously!

Outside of working with students, what do you like to do?

I enjoy spending time with my own children helping them with their school work, too. As with my students, they each have their own skill level and method of learning.

Thanks, Anne Marie, M.!

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