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Elevate K-12 Spotlight on: Working Moms

What makes working at Elevate K-12 so great? For starters, we have the best people on our team! We love to give credit where credit is due, so in this issue we are putting the spotlight on one of our favorite moms, Amanda! 

Hi, I’m Amanda Tousignant.

I live in Massachusetts (go Patriots!).

Outside of being an Elevate K-12 Sales Development Rep, I’m a mom to 2 boys, a dog and a fish named Black Beard.

For fun I like to go on outdoor adventures with my family and friends and watch my kids play sports.


I have 2 boys and both are incredible athletes! Joshua started doing cartwheels out of nowhere when he was 18 months old and hasn’t stopped. He recently started doing back handsprings and it blows my mind. Jake is on a mission to master every sport and is currently crushing the baseball over our roof and into our pool! Also, in addition to being super cute, they are also super smart. Joshua wrote and illustrated over 30 stories this past year in 1st grade and Jake is a master at recognizing double digit numbers.

Just call me Banana Cakes

When my oldest was about 2 or 3, he asked me what my real name was so I told him it was Amanda Kate. He thought I said ‘Banana Cakes.’ He still calls me that sometimes and I love it!

What’s Gronk got to do with it?

Our dog, Gronk, really lives up to his name (named after Rob Gronkowski #87 of the Patriots) because he’s a complete nut! His special talent is swallowing things whole. Socks are his favorite!

A mom and a boss

Working from home allows me to bring my kids to school and get them to all of their sports and activities without my work suffering.  I feel comfortable asking for time off here or there to chaperone a field trip or bring in a birthday snack for my kids classes. Even though I work from home, I don’t feel isolated or forgotten about.  I feel valued and that my work is important, which makes me want to work harder and be successful.  I love that I feel good about what I do everyday!

Fact is, Amanda rules. Thanks, Amanda!

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