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Elevate K-12 Spotlight on: Super Moms

What makes working at Elevate K-12 so great? For starters, we have the best people on our team! We love to give credit where credit is due, so in this issue, we are putting the spotlight on one of our many working mothers, Megan! 

Hi, I’m Megan Love

I live in Pocatello, Idaho

Outside of being the Elevate K-12 HR Manager, I’m a mom to four beautiful kids!

For fun, I like to run and listen to music (usually at the same time)

Living stress-free

Running helps me re-center and deal with stress. I also love to go up to my parents’ cabin that is off the grid. I like to ride four wheelers, fish, float the river and sing around the campfire. Maybe this makes me a very intense and calm person!

Every day is a new challenge!

As a parent, no day ever looks the same. You never know what is going to be thrown at you! My proudest moments are when I see my kids taking the values and ethics that I have taught them and seeing them be kind and loving to those that they come in contact with.

This is also my favorite part of working at Elevate K-12. Every day brings a new challenge that we overcome as a team. When our students are able to apply what they learn with us, they begin to enjoy learning. That makes all our efforts worth it!

Moms can do everything!

I love the mission at Elevate K-12! Breaking through the zip code to get the students a quality education is something that I am very passionate about! I love that the company values contributions that women and moms can bring to the workforce. I have been given a lot of opportunities to advance my knowledge and career here at Elevate and I feel very blessed. I love that I can have that work life balance, where I can be available to my kids when needed and have a career. Moms really can have it all!


If I could give my younger self any advice, it would be to live with no regrets! Take each experience as something to learn from.

Fact is, Megan – and her family – rules. Thanks, Megan!

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