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Elevate K-12 Spotlight on: Pet Parents

What makes working at Elevate K-12 so great? For starters, we have the best people on our team! We love to give credit where credit is due, so in this issue we are putting the spotlight on one of our many pet parents, Tim! 

Hi, I’m Tim Fisher

I live in Chicago, IL

Outside of being the Elevate K-12 Head of Finance & Strategy, I’m a cat dad to two cats and foster parent to two MORE cats!

For fun I like to  exercise and cook (I do the first so I can enjoy the second!)


I’m the resident Chicago office cat dad and proud of it! Most people think cats are aloof and reserved creatures, but our cats are full of personality and love hanging out! They come running to greet you when you get home and always want to play and snuggle, and they talk to us constantly. They’re big fans of strangers! A perk of having cats…we hardly watch any TV. Our very own CatTV channel is the best (and most entertaining) channel.

Doing good in the ‘hood

I love that giving back can be a passion of mine in and outside of work. My fiance and I fostered two kittens recently in addition to our two cats as a part of “clear the shelters,” and it was a great experience. If you ever are considering fostering animals, it’s a great way to give back to the community…and get a furry friend as a guest for a few weeks!

We travel in packs…’cause we’re quirky like that!

Working at Elevate K-12 is fun! The culture allows me to be quirky and pursue my interests outside of just work (like fostering kittens). Plus, the people here are just as quirky as I am! My pet parenting is celebrated with others who are just as passionate as I am. We definitely have a pet parent pack amongst us.

A word of advice

If I could give younger me a word of advice, it would be to always try to understand why your boss is asking you for something, not just what they’re asking for. Doing so allows you to better anticipate their follow up questions and requests.

Fact is, Tim – and cats – rule. Thanks, Tim!

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